How To Weigh An Elephant (Or Other Really Large Things)


Weighing an elephant and other really large things is quite the trick. You already know that such animals and objects of similar size are extremely heavy, but what happens when you need to know exactly how much it weighs? How can you weigh an elephant to find its exact weight? If approximate weight is acceptable, how do you find that? In all cases, you can use the following. The 48 Inch NTEP Floor Scale

9 August 2018

3 Reasons To Rent Electronic Scales For Your Next Project Instead Of Buying


If you work in a warehouse or another type of business that sometimes needs to weigh inventory, you might be in the market for one or more electronic scales. But before you head out and drop your company's hard-earned money on a new purchase, you should know that there might be a better way. It's possible today to rent electronic scales for a variety of uses instead of buying them outright.

29 March 2018