Speeding Up Our Receiving Department

When we realized that our shipping and handling department was slowing down production, I knew that I had to take action. Instead of leaving things as is, we decided to convert to a weighed systems, where we would count everything based on product weight. It was a big change, but we knew that it would dramatically speed things up. We invested in some high-end scales, and we had them installed the next day. Afterwards, our receiving and shipping department cut their times by half. This blog is all about using scales to improve your business, so that you aren't left wondering how to pay your employees.

3 Reasons To Rent Electronic Scales For Your Next Project Instead Of Buying


If you work in a warehouse or another type of business that sometimes needs to weigh inventory, you might be in the market for one or more electronic scales. But before you head out and drop your company's hard-earned money on a new purchase, you should know that there might be a better way. It's possible today to rent electronic scales for a variety of uses instead of buying them outright. Here are three reasons why you might want to rent your next electronic scale.

Tackle Your Task and Then Move On

If your business only needs to weight items during a certain time of year, it doesn't make much sense to make an investment that's going to be stuck in storage during the other 11 months it's not in use. For example, if you have a warehouse that needs to weight each and every item during your annual product inventory check, this could make for a very busy month or two of work, but after that's over, you might not need any of the scales again until the following year. Electronic scale rentals give you the capability to handle the task at hand without giving you a problem to deal with when the task is over.

Preserve Your Cash Reserves

If you are like most business owners, you probably like to keep a good bit of cold, hard cash on hand on your balance sheet. When you rent an electronic scale, you only have to dip into those cash reserves a little bit each week, month, or whatever the rental period is. You will likely take a much bigger hit to the bottom line if you are purchasing high-tech electronic scales outright. By choosing to rent, you will be able to keep more money on hand to deal with other situations as they occur.

No Maintenance to Worry About

A scale is only worth using if it is accurate. When you get a scale from a rental company, you can rest assured that the scale has been recently tested and is providing readings that are as accurate as possible. If you instead decide to go the route where you put a scale that you own into storage for half the year, you will have to perform some maintenance on it when you actually need it again to make sure it's still working properly. Why give yourself yet another thing to worry about when someone else can do that for you?

If your company needs electronic scales for an upcoming project, reach out to a local scale rental company today. Renting the scales you need instead of buying is less expensive up front and will keep your storage lockers clear of clutter when you don't need the scales anymore.

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29 March 2018