Speeding Up Our Receiving Department

When we realized that our shipping and handling department was slowing down production, I knew that I had to take action. Instead of leaving things as is, we decided to convert to a weighed systems, where we would count everything based on product weight. It was a big change, but we knew that it would dramatically speed things up. We invested in some high-end scales, and we had them installed the next day. Afterwards, our receiving and shipping department cut their times by half. This blog is all about using scales to improve your business, so that you aren't left wondering how to pay your employees.

Three Types Of Vehicle Scales Available For Rent


Almost all major shipping businesses have their own permanently installed vehicle scales. These scales help businesses ensure that the right amount of product is loaded into each truck or cargo container. These scales are absolutely essential to conducting fair business with buyers and have to be certified as legal for trade by the National Type Evaluation Program. If a vehicle scale malfunctions or sustains damage of any kind, it must be repaired and recertified before use. In the meantime, companies rely on electronic scale rentals to ensure they perfectly fulfill their buyers' orders. Here are a few of the most common vehicle scales available for rent.

Vehicle Scales

One of the most popular types of rental scale is the whole-vehicle scale. These scales are easy to use and are very similar to the non-portable whole-vehicle scales that most shipping businesses have on their properties, so employees only need minimal training to use them. Whole-vehicle scales are typically 10 feet wide and at least 20 feet long, and they can be used together to create up to 100 total feet of scale length. Flexible and versatile, these scales only need a little bit more space on a flat surface than a truck parking space, so finding room for them on any industrial property is easy. Once they are placed, however, they are difficult to move without specialized equipment. 

Wheel Scales

For a more portable weighing option, vehicle scale providers offer wheel scales, These scales can be used in groups of two or four to weigh each wheel of a vehicle individually. If a wheel scale is used on each of a vehicle's wheels, the scales can also give a total weight for the vehicle. Wheel scale kits only weigh a few hundred pounds, so they are relatively portable compared to most vehicle scales. This allows drivers to weigh and rebalance their vehicles away from their point of origin, ensuring they can keep their trip safe even if goods shift during transportation.

Axle Scales

An important aspect of keeping trailers safe on the road is load balancing. Although most whole-vehicle scales can tell drivers if the weight of their load is within the limit of their vehicle, not all of them give information about load balancing. Axle scales solve this issue by measuring the weight of the load on each axle individually. Drivers and workers can use that information to rebalance loads towards the front axles of their vehicles for enhanced trailer control.

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28 July 2020